Monday, April 30, 2007

Marie and Brian

This weekend was full of old connections. I shot Marie's sister's wedding two years ago.
Happy Anniversary Joe and Katie!
So I was so excited when her mom emailed me about Marie's engagement.
These two are absolutely darling and we had so much fun during their session on Friday night. They were up for anything and as a result got some very, very cool stuff.
We are shooting their wedding September 1st of this year. I don't usually take Labor Day Weekend weddings, as it's my own anniversary, but I wouldn't miss this for anything.

Monica and Adam

Ok, so I shot Monica's high school friend's wedding last year. (hey jen!) And she works with another one of my bride's from last fall. (hey meighan!) So I already have a little connection with her and we had a great time on Sunday.
These two have been dating for TWELVE years. Twelve! So they are very comfortable together and it definitely shows in the photographs. There were so many good ones, it was hard to choose.
We are shooting their wedding on September 8th of this year and I am really looking forward to it. They're having their reception at the Tournament Club Golf Course in Polk City and have promised me a good time. :)

Katy and Gene

Katy is a cousin of our friend Jay Spence. So we were very excited to photograph her March wedding to Gene.
They were married one week after the Great Blizzard of 07 at the beautiful Temple B'Nai Jeshurun.

Katy ran something like 37 miles the day of her wedding. Or, maybe that's what it would have felt like had I run it. But she and Gene did meet through their mutual interest in running and health.
We got off to a good start and the Temple provided some great places to take some of their portraits.

by paige

They rocked it out at the Summerset Winery for their reception, which was a really good time.

This charming guy was their foreign exchange student in high school and cut a rug with the ladies all night long. It was unbelievable. We almost stayed to get our turn.

We wish them a long and happy (and we already know it will be healthy) marriage.