Sunday, December 16, 2007

sweet sarah

so, if anyone has called the office or placed an order lately, you've probably talked to sarah.
sarah joined us this year and has been a life saver. we love her.
sarah handles a lot of the administrative stuff, helps me try to stay organized, does photoshop and production work and shoots and assists at weddings. she is friendly on the phone, she always looks great, smiles a lot, will accompany me to eat indian food whenever i want and doesn't seem to get in bad moods. she can also keep up with me and paige when we're in an after-wedding-wine-frenzy. she's married and also has two beautiful daughters with names that start with s. we get confused when we all go to the park together.
she also shoots weddings with mark kegans, but she likes me better.
thank you for all of your help this year, sarah!


i cut people's heads off. i don't mean to. i don't think about it. that's just the way my eye works. i think it's because i'm so focused on people's eyes. the way they connect with you, the way they look at the world, that sparkle that some get. i like to be up close and in the middle of that. i'm never looking at the very tip-top of people's heads.
now, i don't ALWAYS cut off the tops of the head. I have lots and lots of photos with the peak intact. but it happens a lot and these are usually the ones that people fall in love with.
this gem, by the way, is the son of one of our wedding couples. he's awfully cute and may repay his mom someday for her angry teen years. (from what she's told me.)
do you wish you could see the top of his crown?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

molly and jared

Molly and Jared were married at St. Ambrose Cathedral this past October. Molly even powered it out for a session in the rain down by the river with out batting an eye. She was so gracious and darling and fun.
We are the official photographers for daughters of the nicest group of teachers in Des Moines. I am so grateful that these women are teaching at my own daughter's school. They have all raised such lovely, kind, and intelligent daughters. They have all been such a pleasure to work with. No bridezillas here.

by paige


well, this may be old news for some of you but our little paige is getting married. jason popped the question a couple of months ago and now we're looking at our weddings in a whole new light.
we're very proud of jason for pulling off an ambush proposal, as paige did everything she could to sabotage a surprise.
they're getting married next october and i can't wait to watch paige get to take her turn as a bride.

emily and dave

ok, my time line is a bit out of whack because this wedding was in october. but they sent us flowers so they get to go next.
emily and dave were, by far, our cutest-smartest-most-on-top-of-world-events couple. i bet dave doesn't like to be called cute.
regardless, they had a beautiful october wedding. the weather was perfect, there were bagpipes and gospel choirs, and dave hauled the actual seven-ton bench where he proposed to emily from a beach in florida to iowa for the seating at their reception. come on, dave. you're making everyone else look bad, here.
we wish you the best of luck in your marriage and look forward to watching your careers grow.

by paige

by paige

by paige