Monday, April 27, 2009

nicole & brian

nicole & brian are our july 4th wedding for this year. i had a great time on their engagement shoot, which was one of my first days back to work after my maternity leave. 
brian is nice and snuggly. something his groomsmen probably won't groove on, but it sure makes for cute engagement photos. i hope he lets his inner cute shine through on their wedding day. 
they are a beautiful couple, aren't they? 
see you in a few months nicole & brian!

i thought it was a little too quiet in there . . .

Monday, April 06, 2009

leukemia & lymphoma society benefit

I am hosting an event to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I'm teaming up with my good friend Erin Wormley who is raising money to compete for the Woman of the Year for the LLS annual fundraiser. Mark Kegans will be offering Photo Booth sesions which are great for boys and older kids. You can bring props, hats, favorite toys or friends. Greg Scheideman of Catchlight Studios is donating the studio time.
For a $150 donation to LLS, you will receive one of my signature 10x10 collages of the photos taken by me & Mark. Total value of the session and collage is over $325!
I'm sure everyone knows someone who has been affected by cancer. My dad lost one of his best friends early this year to leukemia. This is a great way to get some cool photography of your child and all of the money goes directly to LLS. Please contact sarah at to make your appointment. Sessions are limited and will be offered Sunday, May 3 and Sunday, May 17. There will be one more session in early July. Reservations and donations for the July event are being accepted now. 

Sunday, April 05, 2009

baby jack

my first shoot back was a two-week-old baby in ames, so i had a lot to talk about with mom & dad.
they have a great house full of cool colors and animals.
i fit right in.
willow the cat even joined our shoot. the dog had to stay outside.
thank you michael, for serving our country. (and thank you aubrey for the sacrifices you had to make the 18 months he was gone.)
you have beautiful, beautiful family. congratulations on baby jack!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

almost back to work . . .

i've had a wonderful time staying home with these babies. i'm not sure i'd call it much of a "leave", as i've been working quite a bit. but i am definitely picking up the speed in the next month or so.
i am really, really excited about this year. we have a lot of cool couples for our weddings, with some really great venues and locations. we have also booked more families, earlier in the year, than any previous year. we are completely booked for outdoor sessions through july and already have appointments on the calendar for september and october. if you were unable to get in last year or are hoping to get in this year, please call early!
regardless if you are a new client or an existing friend, please call sarah for a consultation to see what's new. we have a lot of new products & ideas for your sessions. it is very exciting to head into this season.
i hope to see you soon!