Friday, October 26, 2007

marie and brian

in the next couple of weeks, i'm going to try to catch up a bit. so i won't narrate too much in order to get everything posted.
marie and brian were married in september. if you haven't kept up, marie is the sister of katie, whose wedding we shot in 2005. marie and brian had a great wedding party, i love their whole family, they're a super cool couple and we had a really great day with them.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

nikki and nick

this was a wedding photographer/graphic designer's dream wedding. nikki and nick are both extremely talented artists living in chicago. nikki is a graphic designer and nick is a senior art director. they had the coolest wedding invitation i've ever seen (hand-bound books), but i can't even get into all of the details of that. speaking of details, they had 'em covered. from letter pressed tags on the guest "tree" pens to nikki making the lobby sign for the other wedding in the hotel that night (to keep things consistent), i've never seen it more beautifully done. i had to narrow it down to a few or i would have used up the rest of my storage space for the blog.
i wish i could get into the details of how they met/didn't date/fate/destiny/separation/first-kiss-four-years-later/married, but i have a lot of work to do to get caught up. let's just say it made for a great story.