Monday, October 13, 2008


so right after my rant about going to people's homes, i met with two of my clients who had recently had shoots at their homes. of course, both shoots were wonderful and i extracted my foot from my mouth in our meetings. while i will say that it is usually the case, these two had great shoots. of course they have perfectly behaved, beautiful families, so they're pretty easy to photograph. :)

the g family

j's newborn photos with his mom

kristin and e.c.

one of my dearest friends got married in june. i didn't get to shoot the wedding because i was already booked for that date. but i did attend the rehearsal dinner and took my camera along with me to grab a few shots.
kristin is always stunning. this night was no different. she really was glowing. we have been friends for many years, now, and it makes me so thrilled to see her happy.
much love to you both.

photo by greg lage

excuses, excuses

i am such a bad, bad blogger! if it's any excuse i did find out that i'm expecting twins early next year. so after many months of nausea and fatigue, i am now fighting off excessive cravings, back pains and things that (even after two pregnancies) constantly leave me bewildered.
thankfully i have had my busiest season ever this fall and am very grateful to the families and couples that have allowed me to document their lives. i'm sorry to all that i had to turn away and hope that i will see you next year.
i've decided the only way i can really keep up (or attempt to catch up) on the blog is to keep the chatter to a minimum, so without further ado . . .

sara and david

ok, so maybe a little chatter for this one.
i'm so behind on posting weddings, so i'm going to post this one first.
sara and david were one of my favorite couples from this year. they are just as kind as they are darling and had a unique and cozy wedding in ames. the ceremony was in christian petersen art gallery and the reception was at montebello bed & breakfast. david is from mexico so his family made the big trek up to iowa for the celebration. i just love little weddings like these because you feel like you're part of the family. the couple met in grad school in the creative writing program at iowa state. for the ceremony readings, their friends and family members read poems/short stories/letters that sara and david had written to/about each other. sarah schulte second shot this wedding with me and we both cried during the ceremony. and sarah isn't even pregnant.
they had their first dance on the patio at sunset and served homemade cakes and pies for dessert.
sara & david, i know you two will have such a love-filled, adventurous life. thank you for giving us such a wonderful saturday and the opportunity to know you.

by sarah s.

by sarah s.

by sarah s.

by sarah s.

by sarah s.

their first dance . . .