Monday, October 13, 2008

excuses, excuses

i am such a bad, bad blogger! if it's any excuse i did find out that i'm expecting twins early next year. so after many months of nausea and fatigue, i am now fighting off excessive cravings, back pains and things that (even after two pregnancies) constantly leave me bewildered.
thankfully i have had my busiest season ever this fall and am very grateful to the families and couples that have allowed me to document their lives. i'm sorry to all that i had to turn away and hope that i will see you next year.
i've decided the only way i can really keep up (or attempt to catch up) on the blog is to keep the chatter to a minimum, so without further ado . . .

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Anonymous said...

CONGRATS! That's so exciting! Can't wait to see you at Tami Gray's wedding.
Monica Christensen