Friday, July 27, 2007

the r family

i shot nate and erin's family a few weeks ago. this was BY FAR the hottest day i've ever attempted to shoot a family. i don't think anyone even realized how hot it was until we got to the park that day. it was ridiculously humid. and there was not a single breeze the entire time we shot. i even called the shoot early, when i realized that i looked like someone had thrown a bucket of water on me and the kids looked like they had just gotten out of the pool. but what troopers they were. everyone just smiled and kept going. AND sweet erin is pregnant! regardless of the shooting conditions, the photos turned out so incredibly well. they are a really cool family and i'm excited to see that new baby. (and their little guy is in "school" with my youngest next fall. i'm sure she will be quite taken by him.)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

jackie chan

my friend and his darling wife let me storm their house for an eight-week session a couple of weeks ago. dad is a musician and we think the baby may be headed the same way, seeing as how the daylight was a bit bright for him and we kept having to give him beverages to lighten his mood. he also only really smiled once we got into the music room and, as you'll see below, he's already pretending to sing into his "air mic".
he is a gorgeous baby and i'm so happy for the new parents. we're doing his six-month photos at the end of the fall, so i'll be sure to post them.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

if i have to explain it, you won't understand

it's just fuggin' cool to shoot bands. and, really, there's not much that i like to shoot more than musicians (except, i do like babies, dogs and laid-back brides an awful lot.)
anyway, the soul searchers needed a few photos for an upcoming cd and it gave me a break from bridesmaids. if you get the chance to catch these guys out, it's worth the ride.