Tuesday, September 25, 2007

it's jen, again!

jen was the first bride to come to me to "trash the dress". although we didn't trash the dress because her mom came along to make sure we didn't trash the dress. but we did have a lot of fun and got to do a lot of things that we would never have the time to do on a wedding day.
jen is as nice as she is beautiful. i'm doing her whole family photo this weekend and when she has babies, which i will insist on photographing, she will probably appear on this blog more than anyone else. i think she already does.
but that's good because we love her and josh and the entire bohan/madigan clan.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

charlotte's family

some of you old timers might remember charlotte who worked with me for about three years, some time ago. well, charlotte now has her own successful photography business in colorado springs. (see the link to her blog). she also has two little darlings with her husband tryg, who is also a photographer.
although this was another one of those ridiculously hot iowa days, they were serious troopers and we had a great time. it was so cute to see her with her family. we spent many road trips talking about baby names and plans for the future. i'm so happy that she has such a wonderful life and is doing everything that she had hoped for all those years ago.
she claims she can't believe she ever lived in iowa with our hot, humid summers. (I left out the photos with our drenched hair and sweaty shirts) but God threw down a rainbow at the end of our session to remind us that Iowa's a pretty good place to grow up. :)

Thursday, September 13, 2007


well, i've never done many seniors. and i'm doing even less now, because that's sort of paige's specialty (besides, obviously rocking weddings and kids). but i did do a few this year, including the lovely grace.
grace is the daughter of my cousin, nora, who is raising these phenomenal children. grace is a real beauty, smart as a whip and carries herself about a thousand times better than i did at her age. maybe a million.
she is getting ready to graduate early before heading off to college in minnesota next year. (she's promised to hit trader joe's for me before she comes home for breaks.)
she's got a lot of aspirations and the world is definitely her oyster.
good luck, grace!

Friday, September 07, 2007

all the little girls

three of our close friends have had little baby girls in the last eight days.
andrea and chris started dating one week after greg and i did eleven years ago. we have been old friends for a long time.
last week they welcomed their second child into the world and gave sweet george a sister.
i'm sure there will be many more posts of her.
introducing evan lois . . .

Thursday, September 06, 2007

jen and josh

ok, i can sum it up with the ending. as we were leaving i'm pretty sure i told josh that i hoped my daughter could find someone just like him to marry. and, no, i wasn't drinking. if i'd had a son, i'd say the same thing to jen. they are genuine, beautiful, kind people. still not drinking.
we did their engagement session way back at the beginning of this blog, so we were so excited to photograph their big day. they were married in north liberty, ia. jen did an amazing job with her invites and programs. i think paige took notes. and josh, well as i told you, i'm already looking for someone just like him for sadie.

jen and her dad, the first time he saw her in her dress.

their dog, einstein. photo by paige.