Sunday, November 23, 2008


that was a crazy-end-of-the-year-holiday-portrait-season. we're still in the middle of production, but i'm starting to see the light.

as soon as i have most of the production finished, i'll start updating the blog with families and weddings that need to get up on here from this year. there are so many great ones! maybe that will give me something to do in january while i sit and wait for these babies to show up. (i'll post a photo from a twins shower my girlfriends gave me this weekend, in case you haven't seen the belly).

we are changing some things for next year, so i will repost what i put up on the regular website today. it is really hard for me to turn people away, but this year reminded me that i can't give the best customer service to everyone when i'm overbooked. so i have to limit the fall sessions for next year. i should still be able to get everyone in, but book soon and come in early! :) i'm going to limit the amount of weddings i take next year, while we adjust to twins. but i'll be taking just as many families.

there will also be an opening at our building december 5th. (304 15th on the west end of downtown) most of the studios in the fitch building will be open (including ours) with artwork up and drinks and snacks. i'll post more information when the date nears, but drop me a line if you think you can make it.

thank you, thank you, thank you wonderful people for giving me the opportunity to photograph your families and important events. i love this job.

now onto the official business . . .

2009 natural child portrait availability
We are done with our 2008 sessions. Thank you to all the great families that we saw this year! I will be taking a personal leave from December 2008 through March of 2009.

We are already taking appointments for April- early October of 2009. We will not take any sessions after October 15, 2009. We will also not be making exceptions next year, once our calendar is full. We cannot give you the appropriate attention when we are squeezing people in at the last minute and it is too hard to turn you away! So please book early and book throughout the year. We can do just as great of a portrait session in May as we can in September. :)

A retainer will be required when booking sittings for next year and will go towards your session fee. If you have not been to us before, please consider coming in for a consultation before your session. It will help you decide what kind of session you would like and what you are hoping for in your final artwork. If you are a return client, we have new products and session ideas for 2009, as well as our Natural Child Photography. Please contact us at for pricing and booking information.

I look forward to seeing your families grow and meeting new ones. I have enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people and being allowed the opportunity to document your lives. I love my profession for the experiences I have been given and the moments I have been able to witness.

This is truly a blessed life!

Monday, November 17, 2008

tanya & aaron

tanya & aaron were married this fall. tanya is the little sister of one of my dearest friends, so i've known her since she was about five. the rumor is i slipped her drinks at her sister's wedding many years ago, but i've never seen any proof. she made an absolutely stunning bride and it was a real treat to be there with her on her wedding day.
they had a gorgeous wedding at st ambrose with a reception at hotel fort des moines. the weather cooperated, so we were able to be outside quite a bit. aaron's brother sang the best "best man" toast i've ever heard. (i think there was a bet there, somewhere.)
i'm really happy for you guys and glad you're back in des moines (go beaverdale) so i can keep up with at least part of the nemmers clan. :)