Monday, November 17, 2008

tanya & aaron

tanya & aaron were married this fall. tanya is the little sister of one of my dearest friends, so i've known her since she was about five. the rumor is i slipped her drinks at her sister's wedding many years ago, but i've never seen any proof. she made an absolutely stunning bride and it was a real treat to be there with her on her wedding day.
they had a gorgeous wedding at st ambrose with a reception at hotel fort des moines. the weather cooperated, so we were able to be outside quite a bit. aaron's brother sang the best "best man" toast i've ever heard. (i think there was a bet there, somewhere.)
i'm really happy for you guys and glad you're back in des moines (go beaverdale) so i can keep up with at least part of the nemmers clan. :)

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Becky said...

Great work! I like your style.