Thursday, September 20, 2007

charlotte's family

some of you old timers might remember charlotte who worked with me for about three years, some time ago. well, charlotte now has her own successful photography business in colorado springs. (see the link to her blog). she also has two little darlings with her husband tryg, who is also a photographer.
although this was another one of those ridiculously hot iowa days, they were serious troopers and we had a great time. it was so cute to see her with her family. we spent many road trips talking about baby names and plans for the future. i'm so happy that she has such a wonderful life and is doing everything that she had hoped for all those years ago.
she claims she can't believe she ever lived in iowa with our hot, humid summers. (I left out the photos with our drenched hair and sweaty shirts) but God threw down a rainbow at the end of our session to remind us that Iowa's a pretty good place to grow up. :)

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