Wednesday, September 05, 2007

molly and joe

molly and joe had one of those storybook weddings. joe came back to greenfield, iowa after his freshman year at college and spotted molly (who was going into her junior year in highschool) across the town square. or something like that. anyway, he took her to nodaway lake for their first date and proposed to her there years later. this is also where they held their reception. they just pitched a big tent right there on the lake.
so in between the ceremony and reception we went to joe's dad's farm. now, after this wedding, i decided i needed to buy some land in iowa. the herrick farm (and the land around greenfield) is that beautiful, rolling iowa countryside. we were there right at sunset and it was really, really cool. paige and i sort of freaked out and shot the heck out of it.
on the way home paige, mandy and i knew this would be a wedding that would always stick out as one that we'd never forget. well, i think mandy was sleeping. but i know she agreed with us later.


Kristie said...

Bellisimo Molly & Joe!!! What a beautiful day that was!!!

Cat said...

Oh my gosh Molly........can you say beautiful!! Those picture at the farm land are awesome. Love you!