Wednesday, September 05, 2007


we had to let our sweet maggie go yesterday. thankfully, greg was able to take her into the vet and hold her through the process. we rescued her from the animal rescue league when i was pregnant with our first daughter, sadie. when sadie was older, maggie would go into her room at night as soon as she saw her go in to brush her teeth. she would stay in her room until sadie fell asleep. then she'd come hang out with us until we went to bed and then go back to sleep in sadie's room for the rest of the night.
maggie got cancer two and a half years ago and they had to remove her right eye to stop the spread. she rebounded back from that with no problem and we were so lucky to get more time with her. sadly, the cancer returned a few months ago and just last weekend we knew she was beginning to suffer. we spent the last few days going on hikes in the woods and going through the drive-thru at various eating establishments.
we are so thankful for maggie and the monumental effect she had on our lives. we are also very thankful for the sullivan family pet hospital for being the best vets in iowa. thank you for your kindness.
we will miss you maggie. thank you for watching over my family.

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