Wednesday, July 18, 2007

if i have to explain it, you won't understand

it's just fuggin' cool to shoot bands. and, really, there's not much that i like to shoot more than musicians (except, i do like babies, dogs and laid-back brides an awful lot.)
anyway, the soul searchers needed a few photos for an upcoming cd and it gave me a break from bridesmaids. if you get the chance to catch these guys out, it's worth the ride.


mandy miller said...

very cool mm!!! :) i should try it sometime. shooting bands seems like it could be fun and new for a ninja.

love these shots!
mm II

Jake said...

I work for Gannett's Regional Toning Center, located in the Des Moines Register and I could have sworn I worked up that shot of the band standing by the car. Either way, they are wonderful shots and keep up the great work.

-Jacob Boyd

mindy myers said...

hmmm, not sure what you're talking about jake. but these are the files that i gave the band after they went through my production. not sure what they handed over to you, but you're welcome to contact erich gaukel about it, as he has the original cd that we gave him the day after the shoot.