Sunday, December 16, 2007

sweet sarah

so, if anyone has called the office or placed an order lately, you've probably talked to sarah.
sarah joined us this year and has been a life saver. we love her.
sarah handles a lot of the administrative stuff, helps me try to stay organized, does photoshop and production work and shoots and assists at weddings. she is friendly on the phone, she always looks great, smiles a lot, will accompany me to eat indian food whenever i want and doesn't seem to get in bad moods. she can also keep up with me and paige when we're in an after-wedding-wine-frenzy. she's married and also has two beautiful daughters with names that start with s. we get confused when we all go to the park together.
she also shoots weddings with mark kegans, but she likes me better.
thank you for all of your help this year, sarah!

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