Wednesday, June 27, 2007

lisa and eric

we love lisa and eric.
i hope it sounds sincere when i say this about so many of our couples, but we really did.
lisa and i have a little history. she was in two of my former bride's weddings. i will put a photo of the three couples below. you may recognize rebecca from my award-winning photo from the humor category of wpja a couple of years ago. (you may not recognize craig because he had rice covering his face.) and kelanne and tony had a gorgeous wedding the year before that in ames. all wonderful people, but back to the stars of this post.
lisa and eric have been dating for 8 years or something like that. i believe lisa is a nicu nurse at methodist. i actually ran into her as they were walking in to have my c-section last year, gown, hair net and all. i don't know what eric does, but he sports sunglasses really well. he's pretty bad-a**.
they had an incredible spring day and i'd never seen the room look so great at the gateway in ames. (yeah bella flora).

i wish i could add sound to this so you could hear this guy. he opened his mouth and sounded exactly like a fire siren. extreme talent. extremely loud.

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