Sunday, August 26, 2007

matt and jodi

ok, i'm going to try to play catch-up over the next several days. it's so hard to post now that we're so busy!
we shot matt and jodi's wedding WAY back in the beginning of june. we have a bit of a family connection here, as paige is dating matt's brother. so this made it very fun for me to shoot since i know matt and jodi. it was also fun because paige got to play photographer/guest and party it up when she finished shooting.

sweet jodi

this is a great succession of these two. they were so much fun.

perhaps the greatest groom shot ever captured by paige

paige and jason have only been to two weddings together. the first one, which was my friend nikki's, jason caught the garter. at this one, well, you can see it was meant to be.
first photo by mandy miller.

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mk said...

every time you post the rest of the photo-community cowers and learns again what the F stands for in Mindy Effin Myers. great stuff by the whole team and nice catch, Paige.