Thursday, February 07, 2008

betsy and nick

oh, i am on a roll.
betsy and nick were our last wedding of 2007. we went out with a bang.
they are one of those couples that you'd secretly like to hate because they are so darling and perfect. but they are just as nice as they are darling, so you just can't bring yourself to dislike them. nick is an attorney in florida, he was a director at catholic youth camp, where i counseled at all through high school and college. he's smart and funny and comes from a great family. betsy is just as smart, but much cuter. she is a real classic beauty and was so much fun to shoot.
nick was betsy's brother's friend all through high school. she was a couple of years younger. they finally got together while she was in college (it's ok, her brother is over it, now.)
they had a gorgeous reception at the temple, where saley really pulled out all the best. and her grandfather even managed to take a spin for the chicken dance, which he's done at every family wedding for a long, long time.
betsy told me it was sunny and 80 in florida the other day when it was snowing here, so that makes it a little easier to not like her. (just kidding, betsy.)
happy happy life to you two.

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