Tuesday, June 24, 2008

amy & john

amy & john were married in may at st. ambrose with a beautiful reception at wakonda in may.
we had a marathon photo session after the ceremony, before the reception began. i think we went to 12 different spots! it was a lot of fun to have the time to hang out with them and not be rushed to the next event. we just got some beautiful shots and had a great time with their wedding party. they were a lot of fun.

amy got john some cufflinks and placed photographs of his father and grandfather in them that had passed away. john got amy a crystal heart with a love letter rolled up inside it.

the light at wakonda was phenomenal, so we rushed right outside in the middle of the reception. there was a little miscommunication with the wakonda staff and they didn't really know we were getting golf carts until we went whizzing by the reception. they kindly escorted us for the rest of the session.

john and amy, you two are a great couple. paige and i had a great time capturing your day. you two are the kind of couples that we dream about photographing. you are as kind and fun as you are darling. have a great life together!

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Jim said...

Once again, beautiful captures!