Sunday, July 27, 2008

the j family

typically, i don't like to go to people's homes to shoot. only because it is inevitable that the gorgeous garden they want me to come photograph their family in is in the worst part of the yard for the best of the light. so to actually get the kids in the best spot, in the garden, with the sun NOT shining directly in their eyes, i've safely accomplished getting the neighbor's four-wheeler, drooling mastiff and hijacked cable lines in the background. or the fountain that is recommended because of its great backdrop potential is the size of a small beagle and promptly covered up by one child, much less the whole family.
now, for those of you who have tried it and it's worked, all the power to you. to the families who've had me over with mixed results, God bless you. that's why i like to go where i can keep things in control without strapping children to the ground. luckily, i've had two lately that have worked wonderfully. the first was the j family who had me come to their house in the early morning so we could take advantage of their son's superhero costume collection and their toddler's fondness for walking around in diaper. they were not only darling, they were laid-back and nice as can be. my favorite kind of people.

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