Friday, December 19, 2008

paige & jason

paige got married! after shooting a LOT of weddings with me, she finally got her own. i think it was exactly what she hoped for. she planned the wedding she dreamed of (if it wasn't going to be on a beach somewhere), had beautiful weather and a really great party.
she also planned the timing of the ceremony around the best light for the day and was more than willing to spend an hour in the countryside to get some really great photos. (thanks for that, too, jason.)
she looked incredible. and for those of you who don't know paige, you can really see how happy she was that day. it definitely shines through her.
there were many things she has always talked about wanting for her wedding day. she wanted the man of her dreams, a great first dance with her dad, cowboy boots, minimal cake presence, & a blowout party.
congratulations on a perfect day and a bright future.


Jim said...

Beautiful images.

Tricia said...

Paige, Jason and of course Mindy I love them... absolutely stunning - Tricia