Friday, July 17, 2009

jessica and rob

this was really a perfect wedding.
jessica & rob were married on an absolutely beautiful day in june. we had a mini heat wave the days leading up to the wedding (so hot i had to cancel all of my outdoor shoots that week). and the morning of the wedding it rained. but the clouds broke and the weather was truly perfect just in time for the wedding. it was a gorgeous and an uncharacteristically cool and non-humid day in iowa. i always chalk that up to good karma on the couples' behalf. 
jessica is darling and gracious and rob is the kind of guy that you hope your daughter finds. (i have four and i'm already praying for a kind soul like rob). all i have to say is he teared up when he saw her for the first time. all of their parents were really great, too. you can tell the come from good families. good peoples. 
on top of that, sticks is just a cool place to shoot. the light is always great and when the weather cooperates, it's definitely one of the best venues in iowa. 
did we mention they honeymooned in greece? 
jess & rob - i have no doubt you have a great future ahead of you. please keep in touch and thanks for allowing us to be a part of your perfect day!

above photo by sarah schulte


Beth said...

so beautiful!! They will love these! Awesome cake too :)

mk said...

You and Suzy surpassed your already high standard of sublime brilliance with this one. Well played, my lovely friends.