Thursday, May 03, 2007

shae is one

well someone in our house turned one last month. i'd write more about it, but i don't want to make myself cry.
i know it's said time and time again . . . it just goes by so quickly.
i've found it interesting that in the years i've been shooting weddings i've changed quite a bit. in the beginning, i'd tear up at the weddings because i was so happy for the couples and their new beginnings. now i find myself bawling (ask paige) during the father-daughter dances (who knew country songs were so sad when you listen to the words?) and identifying with the mothers who wonder where all the time went.
we're just all very lucky and blessed to have love and family in our lives and i'm equally blessed to be able to witness so many others' joys.
anyway, back to the star of the post . . .

more interest in the paper

with best friend, natalie

not to be outdone by her little sister

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