Thursday, March 13, 2008

jackie & mattieu

jackie grew up in des moines and then moved to the east coast where she met mattieu. mattieu grew up in france and after a brief stint as a foreign exchange student his freshmen year in high school, came back to the states for grad school. mattieu is pronounced a little bit like "achoo" in french. they met, fell in love were married february 23rd at the temple for performing arts in des moines. mattieu's family came from france and although they spoke english, i think they got a kick out everyone speaking very slowly and loudly to them.
we had an awesome time at their wedding. they gave us a whole hour just to play around at the temple and take photos.
they're having another ceremony in may in france, but they won't take me with them. they did, however, read on my blog that i love trader joe's and have promised me a special treat from there. i guess that will do.
happy happy spring! have fun in france.


Anonymous said...

TRADER JOES IS COMING TO WDM! I thought of you immediately. I still love looking at our pics- 2.5 years later.


mindy myers said...

oh, you lovely soul. thank you for remembering me and my love of trader joe's! i hope you are doing well!