Thursday, March 27, 2008

small, small world

this just blows me away.
you can track visits to your blog by adding a site meter onto it. so i go in here every once in awhile and you can not only see how many people are checking in, but also where they are coming from.
check this out! there are people in pakistan, hong kong, venezuela, the uk, canada and switzerland that somehow stumbled on to my little blog from des moines, ia. and that was just today.
it is truly cool to see how connected this world is.


Anonymous said...


Just to let you know I'm the person who regularly checks out your blog from Winchester in the UK. I'm a huge fan of your work and regularly check to see what new stuff you've got up. I particularly love your natural child work - I try to capture the same feeling from my work (I'm currently just an amateur who is contemplating making it professional).

Keep up the good work and keep updating your blog!

Best wishes

mindy myers said...

thank you for the message, helen!
i'm so glad to know you.
please feel free to email if you have questions or advice about going pro. i'd love to see your work, too.
have a great day!