Saturday, January 17, 2009

the family tree

i took some photos last week of sandi hoover. she is the owner and teacher at the family tree.
tonight i went to my first blessingway ceremony at the family tree, which is kind of like a spiritual baby shower.
i've been practicing yoga for about eight years, now. i just switched to the family tree when i became pregnant with the twins. i highly recommend this to any pregnant mama. it's such a great place to retreat to in your pregnancy.
sandi has really great, positive, kind energy. she's also a nurse so she brings a lot of information and conversation to her prenatal yoga class. it's a good place to talk with other expecting moms and take some time out of your busy, busy life to relax and focus on your pregnancy. when i was so swamped last fall with photo shoots and holiday orders, it was a great escape. i had to force myself to go there, sometimes, just because i was so busy. but it was a real treat once i got there and i was always grateful that i went.
i don't think you have to be an experienced yogini to enjoy time at the family tree. it's a great mix of health, yoga and community. there are all types of expecting moms that practice there. personally, my time there is more and more precious as i get farther into the pregnancy. and the energy there reminds me a lot of my time spent in santa barbara.
i would definitely recommend the blessingway ceremony to anyone who is about to give birth. whether it is your first child or your third (and fourth), it's a cool experience and some blessed time for you and your new baby. sandi puts a lot of work into them to make it a really special evening.
so, thank you, dear sandi! what an unexpected treasure you have brought to this pregnancy. i am forever grateful.

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