Sunday, January 18, 2009

last belly shot

the very last pregnancy shot i will ever have taken!
many thanks to sarah for taking it for me. i had a vision for this and she did a great job of making it happen.
we'll keep everyone posted on the arrivals . . .


Sandi Hoover said...

Oh how gorgeous are you angels!! How could you possibly look so good and be sooo pregnant? Man, you make it look easy. Makes me want to do it all over again. Enjoy these next 2 weeks. Sending you strong mama birthing energy.

mindy myers said...

it's the yoga!

Anonymous said...

I love your belly! What a beautiful picture of all of you! Waiting to hear good news soon!!

:) Cindy J

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful picture. Take it easy for the next two weeks.

Gail Lage said...

What a wonderful picture. Relax and take it easy for the next two weeks.

sara pea said...

mindy! this is the most lovely picture. oh. i am so happy for all your girls and you. you look so amazing and beautiful and the sprit of the picture is so peaceful and fun.
hurrah for you and your pregnancy and healthy babies!
sara perez :)

Diane Tinker said...

I hadn't seen this photo till now! How stunningly gorgeous! It takes my breath away.

Jonathan Hanson said...

Mindy, WOW! Last time I saw you, you just had your 2nd. You look beautiful and your girls are gorgeous. Congratulations, you deserve the best.