Thursday, May 08, 2008

miss vivien

i did a quick little shoot of sweet vivien last week and realized i never posted her newborn photos! how rude!
vivien was the second wine haglet born late last summer.
i've known her mom and dad for a really long time (before they even met each other) and shot their wedding when we were still all film.
yeah, a long time ago.
anyway, it's always fun to watch your friends transform when their first baby is born. and i don't get to see that very often anymore. it has been an absolute blast to watch this unfold. will and tammy are naturals at parenting and i get a huge kick out of tammy. she's super relaxed and ultra cool.
lastly, check out that hair! these second shots are from her seven-month shoot. she is flippin' adorable.
so . . . introducing miss vivien mae.



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Jim said...

Beautiful captures!