Sunday, May 11, 2008

the paci fairy

my friend melissa just published a book to help kids give up their pacifiers when it's time. neither of my kids took pacis, although i really gave it my best with both of them. but i've seen a lot of my friends struggle with this, so i thought i'd pass it on.
i met melissa through my friend jay spence. she sort of took over as his best girlfriend when i moved back to iowa and it was always good to know that there was someone out there keeping an eye on him. he was both of our daughters' Godfather, so we know he is watching over them. melissa is honestly as sweet as she is beautiful and i know she put a lot into this great book.
if you're getting close to the milestone of giving up the paci or have a friend who needs some help, please check out her book. it's really, very sweet.
best of luck to you, melissa!

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