Wednesday, May 07, 2008

the s family

my friendship with this darling family started with lauren and ryan's wedding a few years ago. since then i've been blessed to become friends with lauren's mom (we are very, very young mothers) and see lauren's two darling baby boys born. now, i don't know what i'd do with two boys, but lauren grew up with three brothers and her husband has six, yes six, brothers. so they are certainly comfortable with these two.
i've already talked to lauren about having more children, since she has such cute ones.
it has been so fun to see them around the neighborhood and get to know their families. so many of my couples move away or live in different states. it's been really fun to keep in touch with these two.
best of luck with the new addition, lauren and ryan!

laughing at big brother

taking some of his own photos

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Abbey Kenney said...

I was scrolling through your blogs and saw Lauren and Sarah. They have been family friends for a very long time and these pictures capture the family glow beautifully!!!